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How it all began

How it all began.

It was business as usual until Claudia and Oliver first crossed paths working together at TPG back in 2014. Little did they know they'd go from being deskmates to soulmates. After two years of back and forth banter, Claudia and Oliver finally went on their first date!

The first date.

The first date was magical, literally. Oliver managed to score tickets to a half-comedy / half-magic show...though the only thing that was comedic was how far back their seats were. But much to their surprise they were brought on stage to be a part of Magician Peter Morrison's opening act!!!

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The first anniversary.

The magic didn't end there. Every anniversary Claudia and Oliver decided to commit to trying something new together. 2017 paved the way with some pretty unsuccessful fly fishing. They might have caught zero fish but at least they reeled each other in closer!

The second anniversary.

2018 took their relationship to new heights — a dead silent rock climbing adventure where Claudia quickly realized Oliver wasn't kidding about his acrophobia. 

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The Proposal.

Plans to summit Kilimanjaro for their third & most adventurous anniversary yet were quickly derailed when Oliver broke the news that he would be out of town for a work offsite. He suggested Claudia come with and that they could salvage the remainder of the weekend relaxing in Carmel.

Begrudgingly, Claudia tagged along but soon learned that the speech he had been cooped up practicing all week long wasn't for work after all! Oliver got down on one knee and delivered a flawless proposal...with some stuttering and a few tears here and there.

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